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The shoes that turn everything upside down

Karla Elton is originally from Mexico and is crazy about shoes. From her native country and her many travels, she retains the heterogeneous taste of women for shoes. Fulfilling a dream, she created her own brand, Karla Elton, and designed shoes that she liked and that, with a magic trick, embellish women and slightly enhance them (by about 6 cm).

Designed by her in Haute-Savoie where she lives, made between France and Mexico, sent all over the world, Karla Elton shoes have a fine silhouette, often pointed, varied colors (pink, green, blue, gold...) and are often adorned with adorable details (butterflies, bow...). Everything is handmade and on demand, in leather or suede, which gives a very comfortable shoe. Karla announces for soon bridal shoes and fluo models!

Don't miss their release and the opportunity to treat yourself to beautiful feet!

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