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Karla Elton handmade shoes

One of the reasons why KARLA ELTON shoes become perfect is that every detail is handmade.

Advantages of wearing handmade shoes

  • Quality

Whenever we opt for shoes that are handmade it is certain that QUALITY is part of the product. Handmade shoes feature more careful workmanship and a more exclusive selection of materials and patterns.

Much of the quality is due to the fact that the people who make them pay attention to every single detail.

  • Durable

The process by which they are made, make the perfection of the product is much higher, thus its duration is long.

  • Personalized

In the case of the brand "Karla Elton" you have the option to choose a model and customize certain elements of the product. It becomes a perfect option if you are looking for the perfect shoes for that special day (birthday, wedding, date, etc.).

  • Quality material

One of the gaps that makes a normal shoe vs. a handmade one are the materials they are made with, whether for the sole, for the shape, for the fastening straps, among others, every detail adds to the quality of the product.

We are proud to say that Karla Elton has selected and made each of its products with the heart and with the quality that our customers deserve.

We have a special collection for bridal shoes, where they can also be personalized. We know that your wedding day is very special and unique in life and that is why it is extremely important that you enjoy that day as comfortable as possible.

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